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Samedi 29 Octobre 2016

Our Services

ACII has been present in the field of computer science for 12 years. We bring our services to the benefit of businesses in the West of France.

We provide all the implementation, coaching and monitoring of your projects, while engaging in the long term in a quality approach.

Our Businesses

We work in different areas due to the diversity of our customers.

  • Aerospace, Spacial et Defense
  • Food industry
  • Mutual Insurance, Insurance and Retirement
  • Automotive
  • Banking and Finance
  • Energy
  • Infrastructures and Transports
  • Distribution services
  • Telecom et media

Our skills

ACII wants to upgrade its employees to tasks with higher value added in domains like Bank, Exchange or Insurance. Through the project management, ACII accompanies its clients on the drafting of specifications or functional validation projects by writing test plans on integrating functional projects.

Skills like VIB, Health, Bank Credit, Electronic Banking or Security are already present within ACII.

ACII - Headquarter

Technoparc de l'Aubinière

3, rue des Citrines - BP 13261

44332 Nantes Cedex 3


02 40 52 59 10

02 40 52 59 11